Thank You!

I know, it’s a bit unusual, but I just wanted to give a shout-out to these lovely people below for taking the time to not only read my scribblings but then to also send me a comment or like. I am very grateful to you.

Ailish Sinclair

Jenny Millen

Rob Tunnock
Wandering Ambivert
Operation X
Basket Cooking
Chiddicks Family Tree
Justine Stanton
Karen Tyler
M. A. Lossl
Paul’s Blogs
Patricia Macvean
Phil Bye
Greg Palmer
Viv Cree
Greg Nicoll
Greg Bond
Peter Nicoll
Anne Macvean
And my beautiful partner in crime, I mean life Alexandra Macvean

I’m also very grateful to the 31 people who are now following the blog. More importantly, WordPress is immensely happy for me, they have been sending me messages of condolences for the lack of traffic on the site and offering me courses in assessing my SEO ranking. Haven’t worked that one out yet.

Thank you, followers, I hope I can keep delivering and keep your interest.

I have mentioned it before in a couple of previous posts, I wasn’t expecting people to be interested in what I was writing, except maybe family, and only when I was dead and cremated, but then to receive comments and likes whilst still alive, what a bonus!

Warmest of regards,


Macvean Clan November 2021
Rough Nut on the right is me, with my amazing family, (L-R: Xander, Calan & Alexandra) We were out celebrating Xander’s 18th Birthday just last week.
Figure 1: Courtesy, Macvean family Archives

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