A Quick Glimpse: David Hunter Ballantyne

My Paternal Three Times Great Grandfather

Today, the 5th of January 2023 is the 200th anniversary of David’s birth.

I posted about David and his family on a number of occasions last year and intend to continue his and his wife Margaret’s story in a future post titled, “The Journey of The Ballantynes”. This will tell the story of their journey in 1849 from Scotland to Australia on the Stratheden.

But today I just wanted to note the 200-year anniversary. David was born in 1823 (of course) in the little village of Ashkirk in the county of Roxburghshire, Scottish Borders in Scotland. His parents were Margaret Hunter and Robert Ballantyne.

This phenomenal photo below is of David. He passes away at the age of 66 in 1889, so I’m guessing this photo might date from around the late 1870s anywhere up to his death, which is pretty amazing.

The Reverend David Hunter Ballantyne
Figure 1: Courtesy of the Macvean Family Archives

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